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We can help setup, secure, or repair your PC, laptop, or mobile devices conveniently in your home or at your facility.

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We can maintain your business network, critical data, and business systems so you can focus on business growth and success.

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Friendly is not just our name, it is our ethos; the fundamental character of our culture represented by these trustworthy and hard working Friends.


  • Great quick service and Friendly

  • Happy to report that Isaac did an outstanding job of handling the issues I had with the computer and answering my many questions.

    Isaac Murphy
  • Came on time, worked and fixed what was required.
    And explained well

    penny skov
  • Very efficient service and accomplished my goal to get my IMAC cleaned up and back up to speed. Good job, Gavin!

    Masden Davis
  • Isaac was here for six hours today fixing virus, malware and other issues. He was patient, persistent and courteous. Great job, Thanks.

    Bob Selig
  • Gavin came to my rescue today as the computer was not up to par and he left 5:59PM. It was along day and I applaud his efforts. I leave him to conduct the issues with the other personnel that was present earlier.

    Roberta Toppin
  • Issac was very helpful and professional and set our minds at ease with our problem. Also showed us how to download pictures easier from our camera. Was truly an all-round knowledgable guy.

  • Isaac was here to fix printers not print error from reconfiguring yesterday, Prompt and timely and fixed quickly. Thanks,

    Bob Selig
  • Will was very helpfull and anserew all my questions.

    Sandra Medeiros
  • Isaac presented himself in a very professional manner. He approached the tasks in a workman-like manner. He achieved the desired results within a reasonable time frame.
    We will use your service in the future as the need arises.

  • Isaac fixed my problem and then took some time with me to answer some questions I had about how to use my computer.
    He helped me a lot.
    Thanks Isaac
    Brenda Robinette

    Brenda Robinette
  • i am very pleased with the job Gavin
    Duvall did. My p.c. seems to be working a lot better
    thank you very much

    Patrick Kearns
  • The best tech we ever had. He is wonderful and a genius. You need to keep him even if you need to pay him more money.

    Paul Lowe
  • Issac came to our house and spent the good part of a day taking care of every issue I could possibly think of. He is probably the fifth or sixth person we have had at our house over the years and this is the ONLY TIME our wifi has worked perfectly and up to our needs. He was smart, friendly and did a great job.

    Shana O.
  • Isaac came to help with my computer problem this morning. He did a great job. Quick, professionally and politely.
    I would be happy to have him again if I have further problems.

    Richard Croxton
  • Will from Friendly Computers came to look at a virus that had infected my laptop. He was very professional, nice, and seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He was able to get rid of the problem in a timely manner with little hassle. I would recommend him and this company to anyone looking for a computer repairman.

    Erin S
  • I've been having computer issues and finally got tired and called you guys. My service tech was Will he hooked us up and now I can get online & don't have to buy a new computer. Thanks so much Will, job well done!!!

    Paz Austin
  • Isaac came to our house and was professional, on time and did a great job networking our home. Our wireless has never worked better. I will definitely call him again when I need assistance.

  • Will fixed network issues on home network.Thank you.

    Patti Kessmann
  • Will was very efficient and seems to have fixed all our problems and found virus' that we did not know we had. He was also nice.

  • Very satisfied with Will

    William L. West, III
  • Excellent Service from your technician Gavin, who is very professional, knowledgeable and fixed my computer promptly.
    Thank You Gavin & Friendly Computers!!

    Jeff Fields
  • Isaac came today to fix our computer which, by the way, had over 2000 viruses…

    He worked quickly and efficiently. I was very impressed with his courteous and professional behavior.

    So excited to have our computer working again. Thanks Friendly Computers!

    Maureen Schneider

  • Will was my service technician. He was very professional and helpful. I appreciated his service. Thanks.

    james cannon
  • Isaac was courteous, prompt and efficient. I will always come back to friendly computers.

    james blackubrn
  • Great service! Meet all of our needs to get back on track to work and have a productive day. Asked if he could help with any other problem.

    Cristal Pineda
  • Isaac was very fast and did everything I asked. He was very personable and friendly even when my little kids were under his feet :-)

    Dawn Martin
  • Will did a great job. Excellent employee for you.

  • tech was very good, explained things about the system Very helpful and efficient. Will use again when we have problems with computer.

    James Powell
  • Isaac Murphy was prompt. He diagnosed the software problems. I was up & running in lees than an hour.

    Jay Muscovalley
  • I am very pleased with my computer clean up.Isaac made it a pleasant experience .I plan on using your services in the future.

    David Smith
  • Gavin was, as he has always been, Polite expedient and helpful. We appreciate the ease with which we are able to work with him!

    Dan Keller
  • Friendly Computers did a great job for me. I will use them again. Thanks

    Byron F.
  • Tech Rob Wallen was very thorough and knowledgable. The time the computer repairs took was less than I expected it could be. I would recommend Friendly and this tech for your future needs.

  • My name is Mary, Rob Whalen from Friendly Computers came out to remove a trojan virus off of my computer. The service was fast, efficient and informative. I would definitely recommend to friends and family. I have used them several times.

  • My name is Doris, Friendly Computers came out to remove a virus from my machine. Rob had friendly service, I would definitely recommend.

  • Friendly Computers lives up to its name. Rob Whalen, the tech that worked on my home and now office (business) computers is a very knowledgeable Tech with great personal service qualities. I m impressed with their service and prices and would not hesitate to recommend him and Friendly Computers to anyone seeking assistance with their PC or laptop.

    Andy R.
  • John Thomassen from Friendly Computers is awesome! He responds very quickly whenever we have a problem and doesn’t leave until the issue is resolved and everything is running smoothly. I know when I call Friendly and ask for John, I’ll have my issues resolved in no time! Keep up the great work!

  • Brandon did an awesome job. Very nice fella, thanks.

  • I had the pleasure of call Friendly computers today. As a small business owner I rely on my PC and Rob came out and quickly identified my video card issue. Great Job Rob and many thanks for keeping me running.

  • My name Mary Ellen, I have used Friendly Computers for several years and am always pleased. Rob did a good job today for me in diagnosing my Scanner/ Fax issues. He explained my options well regarding my printer problems. Thank you very much.

    Mary Ellen
  • Rob from Friendly Computers was Top Notch. He came to install my new Verizon modem and removed viruses. I will continue using Friendly Computers.

  • Rob arrived early, professional appearance and commentary. Gave me a lot of opportunity to explain what the problem was. Explained what I was doing and the impact that it had on my machine. Fixed the issue to my satisfaction in a timely manner. Modest price. Have used Friendly Computers in the past and will continue to use them.

  • Hello my name is Nancy. We called Rob from friendly computers to solve a Verizon Email issue that left the actual Verizon Tech that was out previously clueless. The issue was solved quickly. We will continue to use Friendly Computers.

  • My name is Margie, Rob was out assist me with Yahoo mail and network printer. Fast service, great tech, and I will be using Friendly Computer again. Absolutely Wonderful! Very pleased!

  • As a technologically challenged person, I find Friendly Computers to be one of my best friends. they respond to my requests in a timely and professional manner. One phone call this morning followed by a visit by Rob a few hours later resulted in a highly satisfactory resolution of my issue. Thanks!

  • Thank you for the awesome computer service! Nick Covanes told me to bring my computer to you when I told him I was having trouble with it. You guys were very quick and friendly which I was nervous about since I needed it back for work. I am very happy with the your work and professional skills and will make sure to tell anyone I know to come to you!

    Amy C.
  • I am a long time customer and have had many techs solve my problems. This week Sid came to the house. He was courteous, professional, and above all competent. I will request Sid from now on. Don’t lose him.

  • Took in a recently purchased PC for some work. Impressed with the professionalism and courteous service.

    Their estimates were explained clearly & accurate, with no ‘hidden’ fees, and the work was completed as promised.

    Would certainly recommend their services.

    John B.
  • We have a small business and our main computer crashed and we were unable to do scheduling etc. We called Friendly computers and they sent Dustin out immediately. He diagnosed the problem, saved all of our information and got us up and running. Dustin did a great job. We would call them again with any computer/technical issue.

    Malinda G.
  • Josh was very thorough and solved the problem quickly. He recovered several files that I had spent hours on and thus saved me tons of time that would have been a total loss. He advised me on how to maintain my computer and set things up so that startup is faster. I am very happy!

    Sharon P.
  • Dustin from Friendly Computers was soooo efficient and thorough! He arrrived on time and got 3 computers overhauled and running fast and efficient in a very short time. I would highly recommend Friendly Compters and will to all of my friends and colleagues. Thanks dustin!!

    Terrie P.
  • “Friendly Computers networked my entire house and I am able to go to any room in the house and outside with my laptop and access the internet anywhere.”

    Raymond N.


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